6/19/2021 Had some intense and vivid dreams this morning! ---The volcano in Hawaii was firing up, and it looked like it could be really serious. I was in this movie theater recording outside from the parking lot and getting ready to go back inside as it was looking like the heat could be very intense. Instead everything became dark and smoky and you could withstand that so I just stayed outside walking around. The volcano was just so incredibly grand looking and amazing, and wasn't supposed to be very dangerous like other volcanoes but it looked to me like you could clearly see the lava coming from the summit, just like a classic volcano, although it moved very slowly. (This morning I opened to Jeremiah 13:16!)

Then there was this fiery portal and inside of it was a huge battle going on, in history, like this was a time portal. I was going to go in and yet felt cowardly because all the other soldiers inside had just run out there into the fight. There was a high likelihood of getting burned to death so I just waited a little and finally went out when it wasn't quite as intense. Once I did go through I saw that it was a battle that looked like something you'd see in World War 2. My father in law "Buddy" Joseph (my wife's dad who had passed away a while back) who for some reason in the dream had always been known to have fought famously with a flame thrower, was there in this intense fire fight. He looked really strong and had intense features, much more vivid than the softer smiling guy I'd seen in the pictures. He had this jet black hair that was very thick and trimmed back and his flame thrower was just a total beast of a weapon that he used expertly against the enemy.

Then I turned to watch who they were fighting. The enemy were many famous thugs we know today such as Joe Biden and the usual suspects. He appeared much younger however was just as vile even then, as he hid behind his fellows so they got shot instead of him, I thought this was how he had survived for so long, by always letting someone else take a bullet for him so he'd narrowly be able to weasel out of getting killed. The battle continued but that's just about as far as I can remember for that scene.

My mother in law Sandra was around and I remember telling her some of our other recent adventures, and she got visibly freaked out a little bit. Earlier I had been going through these long dark tunnels underground that were built in very specific dimensions. Not sure why I was down there but I kept glimpsing these non-human cryptid type of creatures, like reptilians and other horrible looking things. One of them was able to, when discovered, just roll into a little ball and disappear (somethin I've heard of demons doing to escape a situation). The creatures were all very good at hiding but not used to people making it quite that deep underground.

I met with Justin McDonald at this new property we had gotten for both of our families, and someone had cleared the entire thing out. I thought we were in Hawaii still but this looked more like Scotland or Ireland. I have Irish blood and the MacDonalds obviously are from Scotland so it makes sense. We were goofing around and his siblings or sons were there, and we went running down the hill towards the beach pretending to be BraveHeart going "FREEEhhdOOOOhhhhMMM" and the feeling was that the property used to have lots of trees on it and we were going to sculpt around them and build on this, but now that it was a huge big green field, why not just enjoy it. It was at least I want to say 4 acres, and it met with the ocean. However as we made it near to the water there was a gigantic great white shark, inching it's way up from the water towards us, along the beach so I told them to stay back. It had slight green and pink tints to its skin and would not be a real threat but it was able to kind of wiggle up the beach slowly towards us.