Operation "Back to Heaven"


IN THE WORLDLY GOVERNMENTS often there are published "White Papers" which are the directives and plans both for scientific and military operations and overall direction of the flow of the future for nation states.

These Spiritual "White Papers" are a bit different, in that they are flowing dialogues of intimate connecting with the Spirit. The idea is to bridge Heaven to Earth via easy to understand (but sometimes mysterious) communications. The Holy Bible records dreams, prayers, visions, events, times and dates as well as straight out teachings. Often art has been included throughout time supplementing the amazing Biblical teachings. We hope to share these and much much more in the short time we have ahead.

PRAYER: We all need You so bad, and we need to know You more. We need to be emptied of ourselves and our multitudes of our thoughts, and experience Your love and Your Mind- taking over our minds! Jesus, if you would do this, we could praise you always without distraction! Oh, Jesus, You are our song! You are the Song, and the Drumbeat, and the One who calls us out to war! Thank You Jesus! I Love You so much. Praise be to You Lord, and may everything that is within us PRAISE YOU! Jesus, today is a new day, and I want to break out of the old ways that have bound me.

You have completed everything and finished off the entire battle for us. You have caused all things to become new. You saved us from the hand of the enemy, and you bruised him wherever he tried to get us. Jesus, my joy and my life! Thank You for allowing us to live in this time, and to be guarding us and shielding us from all kinds of evil. And thank You for allowing us to be sometimes attacked, because those attacks just bring us closer to You. Jesus I want to be closer to You. I feel my mind kind of losing track and not being able to catch up any more. I want to come to You with all these Chinese souls, Jesus. Dear Jesus, we all need you so bad.

Thank You for comforting me in the multitude of my anxieties and taking those all away. I feel your presence, it comes and delivers me from all these thoughts. Now You can use my mind. I have Your Mind, and you have my mind!

An image

JESUS: You are so rich in My love. Do not ever forget that. I give you all of My love, and it spreads out through you as a prism fracts a beam of light into a million! There is so much for you that I have waiting. I am taking you through different realms of the realm, and bringing you around to see different sights. I have you effect your friends In Orlando, your friends in Texas, your friends in California, your friends in Japan, and your friends in Europe and Africa and Asia everywhere. This love trip is Hard Pressed on Every Side because it is going everywhere, and spreading all over the place in ways you could never have done on your own effort.

The enemy is shivering with fright as you call on the keys. Last night you used the keys while running with horses. Now you run with horses. You used to only run with man. Mostly, anyway. Now you run with horses!

A glimpse into that day in Harbin, 2006:

There is so much spiritual activity and harmony and unity as you all fight together as one there! I am even bringing you to the outside, so you are just sitting at your bed typing away, and JP has just dozed off beside you, and in the kitchen you can hear the Chinese speakers, and you can hear the kids running around. The room is quiet, with your books sitting on a shelf and the computer is a mess, as JP is fixing it. The room has an atmosphere of a liquid glow from the window, as it is cloudy out. You have not checked yet to see if it snowed last night! David walks in, and says:

Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bared Enoch. . . and unto Enoch was born Mehushjael, maybe it was a different enoch!

There is also a lineage in luke! Jp says.

David starts to sing. Whatsoever shall be loosed on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven.

Mike comes in with William: I just wanted to check in , do you guys have any particular plan?

You ask him if he wants to do anything today: Today is your day off so I dont want to drag you off to band practice unless anybody is dying to do that. . . then he walks out.

David continues reading the Bible, about how Seth begat Enoch. . . Adam lived a hundred years.