Operation Talon and Arcothon's Lightning Flood


IN THE WORLDLY GOVERNMENTS often there are published "White Papers" which are the directives and plans both for scientific and military operations and overall direction of the flow of the future for nation states.

These Spiritual "White Papers" are a bit different, in that they are flowing dialogues of intimate connecting with the Spirit. The idea is to bridge Heaven to Earth via easy to understand (but sometimes mysterious) communications. The Holy Bible records dreams, prayers, visions, events, times and dates as well as straight out teachings. Often art has been included throughout time supplementing the amazing Biblical teachings. We hope to share these and much much more in the short time we have ahead.


Harbin, China:

Arcothon has been given a very special task of defending your intimate link with Me. You humble yourself so much that the Enemy attacks go right off you like the back of a duck. They do not harm you in any way any more. If you spend more time in the Spirit, you will see what I mean! Be careful about nothing- only come and love Me in the Spirit, in truth, and I will count this as the highest kind of praise. I want to be with you in this way, to be filled with unity and love with My brides. Do not be afraid, but cherish this gift. You will need it! Arcothon encircles our tent with electricity. This tent that has no earthly foundations is mobile and moves in on and attacks the devils kingdom. It is really like a commander beacon for the rest of our armies. I take charge and direct all the little details.

Cleremont, FL:

Arcos: We're on board! Let's fire up the engines! Ready? Scatter the enemy troops! I'm launching great lightning balls of the Lord's Word into them .... their ranks are scattering! Thank You Lord! The Victory Squadron is so beautiful and they come down in rank, fighting every last bit of the survivors! Attack!!! Go into it full force and spare none of them! Hallelujah!

As lighting will be heard, I take the Words of God and launch as fireballs of energy most pure at the enemy. Take this message you've been receiving; we engage it!

12:53 PM 12/13/2005

"You hold in your hand the Key of Heaven, and your part is but to take hold of, embrace, grasp, and never let go of it, nor of the precious treasures that it allows you access to. Never set aside this key or let it out of your sight. Never let its value diminish in your eyes, or else you will risk losing it or misplacing it and all that comes along with it. This key is your yieldedness and commitment to Me, your desperation of heart to fulfill My will."

You have this key, now let it not go... not ever! Keep it for it is exceedingly great and precious. And the treasures you have already received and will receive as a great promise of this key are beyond your perception. ... back to the scene again.

At this ceremony you are receiving the promised anointing of the Lord; It is a promise of greater fruitfulness and cherished unity with your brethren, of greater capabilities and abilities in the battle field, and more of a commitment to the Lord than ever before. What you release in calling on the Key of Heaven is nothing less than Everything. All Things are at your fingertips because you hold the keys of the kingdom. Now, see in your hand now this key, and in your other hand another key - the key of the Talon, now stick it in the ignition and activate this wild thing!

I'm fuelling it up, as you do this, for there is unlimited capacity for fuel, so the more you call on me to refuel you with the Lightning of God's Words, the less ability Satan will have to lie to you or drain you. Lucid also helps to do this. You have unlimited energy, because you have us, and we are like codes in the Game Genie that allow you to do anything in any Nintendo game--- this is Game Genie, this is the Matrix. But anyway, back to the scene:

The energy balls all around this Talon are activating all kinds of different mechanisms. It seems to shift its shape a bit, and leans forward, catching itself, taking a step, and then suddenly standing up, straight. It's like a million pieces are sliding forward and upward: and the height of this thing is exceedingly tall! Arms appear, and great antennae and shields covering each antennae come forth. You can guess what those are for. Now you see thousands of key craft from all over the room enter and begin to attach themselves to the Talon. They bring the light and glow of each individual key of Heaven, for these are the full set of the Keys of the Kingdom adding their power to this Key craft. Each elbow, each kneecap and each joint is brimming with energy and excitement- the excitement of movement! Songs echo from each of these areas, being very different versions of the same song, but when heard simultaneously they melodize into a great harmony! You hear all of Heaven singing this same song, it is a song of worship to the King! Praise the Lord! A mighty battle song! Hallelujah!

A deep, serious tone enters the melody, changing the tone entirely, it's as though the melody before was all feminine and female, but this new song is Male and very deep and very moving- it's the Lord! "I wish to make the passageway between your physical realm and My spiritual realm a very short one. I wish for you to always have the key wherewith to enter My spiritual realm to receive all that you need to face what lies ahead." And the answer is from the Female voices: "Oh, our divine sweet One, that nothing may ever hinder your full power in us, and fullness of attraction, let us love sweetly and divinely! Hallelujah! We love you, our Darling!"

What ensues, is that this Talon spreads its arms as wings, and flies through the wall, dissipating as it goes through it- and then enters into the sky, leaving a beautiful forest below its feet. We are all traveling with it somehow, because we have our crystal of anointing fixed to it, and we can see whatever it sees- and whatever you see! Now it is flying in the mountain ridges of these mountains, the mountains of all that is wonderful and good and praiseworthy, that reaches up towards the Mighty Throne of God, and you travel there first!

The Lord is compelling you to--- You fly upwards quickly there...