Operation Armina


IN THE WORLDLY GOVERNMENTS often there are published "White Papers" which are the directives and plans both for scientific and military operations and overall direction of the flow of the future for nation states.

These Spiritual "White Papers" are a bit different, in that they are flowing dialogues of intimate connecting with the Spirit. The idea is to bridge Heaven to Earth via easy to understand (but sometimes mysterious) communications. The Holy Bible records dreams, prayers, visions, events, times and dates as well as straight out teachings. Often art has been included throughout time supplementing the amazing Biblical teachings. We hope to share these and much much more in the short time we have ahead.


These days of peace are relatively short. Soon the whole world is really going to rock from the persecution. Get used to calling on our help for preparation.

Welcome to China! We stand by you and fight the demons of the netherworld continually! Your home fights valiantly. Stay a new bottle in the Spirit and let JP and others assist you in the fights. Appreciate them more and put to use their spiritual gifts by your side. The new disciples are ready for the new word! Do not be churchy with spirit helpers, but actively use us so we can super identify with the problem and come according to your request. The enemy is fighting to keep you from us now. Resist him with all your might! The Lord will uphold you. Forget not to pray for Snow, Heidi, Charley, and for all the Chinese! We are upholding you and help you. Continue to fight and read on, as a new bottle spirit. Hold the spirits inside of you! The more new you are, the more of us you can contain and release for others!

There are more worlds to conquer!

....with this preparation, you'll be able to live, work and survive through any world conditions both the present ones of relative tolerance as well as any future persecutions, and even the Great Tribulation.... If you're starting to feel like you can't keep up, or that you're not as capable of doing the work that's on your plate, or that the needs have grown or are going to grow too great, ask Me for more of My Spirit and anointing to help you to be able to meet the needs that are in front of you. It's an invitation I can't and won't refuse, because I love to use every opportunity you give Me to show My miracle-working power. This is just the beginning step of how I will refit you My Endtime brides for the days to come.

I'm slowly taking away your "crutches" and the things of Earth that you lean on, and more and more I'm requiring you to stand on your faith in Me and My promises. It's as if the ground of the physical is slowly eroding beneath your feet! However I expect you to stand your ground in the spirit, even when it seems as though you're standing on nothing. You might not be standing on anything by physical standards, but in the spirit you'll be upheld on the wings of faith and courage and by My strength. So lose sight of the shore and launch out into the deep each day, knowing that I will see you through each storm that comes your way....